Welcome to SGH Apparel!

Welcome to SGH Apparel!
SGH Apparel™ is the brainchild of a Tech CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four; she's a boss! And by that, we mean she's Bold Optimistic Smart & Steady; she knows that managing life, raising a family, and running multiple businesses is hard, so what you wear should be soft.

SGH Apparel™ is an online feel goods store created with women in mind. We kept it simple because sometimes simple is best. We took what you need to feel comfortable and paired it with the messages that speak to what you want to see, feel, and be. At SGH Apparel™, we are all about positive words, thoughts, and actions that speak to your values and signal to others your intentions. 

Our comfy collection of, dress up or dress down, organic ring-spun cotton blend tee shirt tops and dresses are just right. Who doesn't love a great tee, essential tote, 'new fave' coffee mug, or go everywhere tee shirt dress? Our pieces let you cruise through your day with ease, while making CEO Moves and Mommy Moves.

Pick the slogan that captures your mission, cuddle up with the pillow that matches your meaning, and carry the tote that will become your everything bag. As anybody who accomplishes good things knows, it's the productive habits you practice that get you where you want to be. 

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