SGH APPAREL is a woman's lifestyle clothing brand. 

Celebrating boldness, confidence and body positivity we provide the power gear that’s needed to keep you on top of your game rather you’re in the office, running errands, at the gym or a social gathering.

With our versatile pieces you can build a closet that allows you to walk in your Power, and own your Day, without compromising your style. 

Our brand is the voice for women who are movers and shakers, risk-takers, and those who stay on the go.



For years women have made fitness, leisure and corporate wear a statement in the fashion industry, but SGH APPAREL are making them a staple through our fabric technology, and our product ability to conform to the shape of a woman’s body.



Based on your own unique egos:

  • The Classic Closet: These are your basics. The go-to pieces that you can slip into at any giving time. 
  • The Trendy Closet: These pieces represents what you want to present to the world, once you step outside of your closet
  • The Bold Closet: Rather you're at a board meeting, or cocktail party, or social gathering; this closet demands attention. Let the inner, fierce boss lady come through.



    Our mission is to create a fashion empire that delivers quality, has a voice, and create value for the modern day superwoman. All while maximizing our potential, and remaining loyal to our unique DNA and core creativity. 



    SGH APPAREL™ is the brainchild of a Tech CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, wife, and mother of five; she's a boss! And by that, we mean she's Bold Optimistic Smart & Steady.

    Her favorite quote she lives by:  

    “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” 

    ~Proverbs 31:25~

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