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Lakeisha Jackson and Katelyn Jackson


SGH (Sweat. Grind. Hustle.) Sports Apparel is a lifestyle athleisure brand, founded by Tech CEO Lakeisha Jackson and her daughter, then recent graduate, Katelyn in the midst of the pandemic. Athleisure had become a staple in 2020, but the duo saw a need for clothing that was comfortable and stylish. SGH was born with the goal of creating fashionable, functional, and fun clothing that fits with the day to day lifestyle of a woman on the move. 

As the brand continued to grow the mother daughter team decided to expand the brand. Believing everyone should show up to any occasion looking good and feeling confident,  SGH Apparel now offers mens clothing.  Versatility is the spice of life, enjoy the freedom that comes with fashion forward athleisure rather you are going to get in some gym time, run errands or out with friends.

A very inspirational story

Lakeisha was a 16-year old teenage mom when she became pregnant and gave birth to Katelyn. However, this didn’t stop her from finishing high school, graduating from college, and going on to become a very successful entrepreneur. In addition to the SGH Apparel venture, she is also the CEO of a tech company, a Google supplier, and a government contractor.

Another triumph is that Katelyn, despite the ongoing pandemic, managed to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications from California State University, East Bay.

Through the years, the two of them — both mom and daughter — have proven themselves to be resilient hustlers, tough, and determined to do what it takes to achieve their goals. This ultimately is what makes them perfect business partners in running their new company.

Empowering others

With their accomplishments in life, education, and business, both Lakeisha and Katelyn want to use their SGH Apparel™ brand to help celebrate boldness, confidence, and body positivity that’s needed to keep individuals stay on top of their game mentally and physically. Whether they’re in the office, running errands, at the gym or heading out for the evening. The SGH Apparel helps you walk in your power, and own your day without compromising your style.

Lakeisha comments, “Our designs feature go-to pieces that are fashion forward, comfortable and affordable that represents what anyone wants to present to the world. Once you step outside of your closet, these bold pieces allow the inner, you to come through.”

All of their products are made from high quality, sweat-wicking, breathable, and absorbent fabric, that hang with the best of the best with their innovative technology material.

Ultimately, the brand’s mission is to be a global leader in athleisure wear through innovative designs, function, and affordability.  Who pushes the envelope to stay ahead of fashion trends, market changes, and the latest fabric technology.

Both Lakeisha and Katelyn invite individuals globally to embrace their brand and share their stories of hustle-and-drive as they lead their lives.


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