How To Choose the Perfect Sports Bra

How To Choose the Perfect Sports Bra
Running, walking, jumping and turning can all have something in common, the ability to make you uncomfortable if you’re not wearing the right bra. Breasts are one of the most delicate body parts. When you engage in daily activity rigorous or otherwise you are putting the soft breast tissues at risk of damage.

We’re here to ask you to do yourself a favor and buy a sports bra. Besides protecting breast tissues and minimizing sagging through reducing repetitive movement they enhance your confidence.
Here are some tips to follow while choosing the perfect sports bra:

Know the Purpose of Buying the Bra

There are three main types of bra designs depending on the workout categories. For walking and yoga, there are low-impact sports bras. For dancing and cycling, there are medium-impact sports bras. For high-impact activities like running and intense workouts, high-impact sports bras are recommended. Get your hands on at least one bra belonging to all three categories.

Know Your Cup and Rib Cage Size

Like your usual bra, sports bras come in different sizes. You can find your size by taking a tape measure and measure your waist and bust. Consult a sizing chart and buy yourself the most comfortable fit possible.

The Adjustable Straps are Worth It

Looking for something with a little more customization, try a bra with adjustable straps. For some people having preset straps can be a hassle. Adjustable straps can maximize comfort and as you your body changes so can your straps. To get customized support, you need adjustable straps in your sports bra.  

Examine the Side Panels and Bands

Bra bands and panels are important in distributing the breasts' weight. They are also important in supporting the breasts. While choosing the right band length, slide a finger under the panel and pull the bra outwards. If it stretches for more than an inch, you need a bra with a smaller band.

Examine It for Moisture Wicking Capability

Moisture wicking capability refers to the ability of a fabric to keep you sweat-free. The fabric takes away all the sweat from the body and, rather than absorbing it, dries it out. You cannot check whether a fabric is moisture-wicking or not while standing at the store. So, you should know which fabrics have this quality.

Test Check in the Changing Room

Try it on. Sometimes you have to just see how it feels. A first time fitting can set you up for success with all your future new sports bras. Putting your mind at ease can take a huge weight off your shoulders, trying on a sports bra for reference may be exactly what you need to clear any doubt.

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