How to Shrink Running Shorts

How to Shrink Running Shorts
There is a rule of thumb that applies to almost all sportswear. The fitter they are, the better you work out. The same goes for running shorts. The reason behind this is that when they are fit, they support muscles in a better way. Fit clothes warm you up more than loose clothes. In this way, they’ve got a plus point in regulating the blood circulation levels.

If your running shorts have become loose, then try the following methods to shrink them to your size.

Shrinking Shorts in a Dryer

Putting shorts in a dryer by setting a high temperature can shrink the fabric. This method is the most convenient, as you don't have to do anything special. Set the dryer temperature and toss the shorts inside. As it shrinks the clothes to a lesser extent, it works best on natural fabrics. You can shrink the shorts many times. But each time, make sure whether it's still loose or is perfect now.
If you want to shrink shorts to a bit more extent, then spray the shorts with water before drying.

Shrinking Shorts in a Washing Machine

If you want a greater extent of shrinkage, then put your shorts in the washing machine. Set the maximum temperature that the machine can tolerate. Now the time that you will set depends on your shrinkage preferences. The longer the wait, the more the shorts will shrink. Don’t air dry the shorts after taking them from the machine. The cool breeze is capable of unshrinking many fabrics. Put the shorts in the dryer and check the results.

Shrinking Shorts in Boiling Water

If you have shorts made from polyester, they cannot be shrunk using the above methods. Polyester and many other synthetic fibers are heat resistant. Washing and/or drying most synthetic fibers will not have much effect them. However there we've got a solution. Boil water until bubbles start forming in it. Put shorts in a bucket. Pour the boiling water over it. You can use a mild fabric softener or detergent if you want to. Let it sit until the water cools down to room temperature. Dry the shorts and see the results. Don’t use this method on delicate fabrics. 

Shrinking the Waist of the Shorts Only

If you want to shrink the waist of the shorts only, you can use the dryer method again. But this time, don’t wet the shorts completely. Take water in a spray bottle. Spray it over the waist only until it's completely wet. Set the dryer at a high temperature and toss the shorts inside. After the time you set, take out the shorts and check them out. You will get wonderful results.

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