5 Ways to Style Your Leggings

5 Ways to Style Your Leggings

Style and comfort go hand in hand now as athleisure takes over, at the top of the comfort chic list are leggings. Rather, you are going out to eat with friends or heading into the office, leggings can be your go-to bottoms.

Here are the top 5 ways to style your leggings:

Get That Monochromatic Look

Monochrome has been around since 2016 but this Spring we saw runway looks that took the trend to another level. Previously, monochrome brought about thoughts of matching neutrals, blacks and whites. 2022 has made it clear that with this style the envelope is meant to be pushed from pinks to greens you can choose any color you want. Each color radiates different vibes. 


Wearing leggings and a top or a shirt of the same color makes for a striking combination. If you are in the mood to show off your summer body, style them up with a crop top or with a sports bra. Looking to be a little more covered? Layering is in and you can take your leggings, sports bra combo up a notch, pairing it with a matching jacket or button down.

Style It Up With a Blazer

Casual sophistication is here to stay. After work gatherings or the weekend can be the perfect time to put your blazer and leggings to the test. Give this work casual style a go. Blazers can be of the same color or might be in contrast. Add casual t-shirts, tanks, and tops to complete your look.

Oversized Sweaters and Hoodies Go With Everything

Once you start wearing baggy and oversized clothes, there’s no going back. If you also believe that this style is for you. There are no color restrictions here either. You can either wear monochromatic, light and dark contrast, or complete color contrast. Oversized sweaters and hoodies can bring the ultimate comfort on a busy, cool day or even a relaxed off day. Pairing fitted clothing with something looser is always a nice contrast.

Denim Jackets Never Go Out of Style

We all want a go-to style that we don’t have to give a second thought to, especially when friends call. A denim jacket is the BFF supporting character of your wardrobe, dependable and ready to accentuate you. These can be worn even on cold summer nights. The most typical style is wearing a white t-shirt underneath a denim jacket with black leggings.

It's All About the Shoes

Sometimes it's not about the tops but the
shoes. Yes, shoes can glam up your look completely. Lace-up sneakers are the shoes of choice for the gym and go well with leggings. If you prefer comfort yet do not compromise on fashion, stylish winter boots are for you. If you want more hype, consider ankle boots or knee-high boots. If you want to get that chic look, consider wearing heels. Heels go well with leggings and blazer combos.

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