The Best T-Shirt Material for Men's Fitness

The Best T-Shirt Material for Men's Fitness

Sometimes how you start something can impact the whole process and when it comes to workouts the start begins before you start your timer or reps. This comfort comes from the clothes you are wearing to the gym. It's not like you can just wear any warm hoodie and start working out. While it does not seem like a bad idea, you are going to notice the downsides when you start getting warmed up.

Below are some of the best materials and their qualities that suit fitness workouts.


If you have to select one material as “the best” for workouts, it is definitely polyester. It is light in weight, durable, and breathable. Instead of absorbing the sweat, it takes it from the body and dispenses it into the environment. Hence, giving you a sweat-free workout session, no sweat stains and less chance of odor trapping.


The breathability and moisture - wicking properties of nylon is the same as that of polyester. It’s quite durable and is easy to clean and maintain. Though nylon has a lot in common with polyester it is softer, this is the reason that some people prefer nylon over polyester, despite the same properties.


Cotton is a well-known fabric, when you think of it you may think of your classic tee in the closet. It is comfortable and easy to wash. Cotton is a hallmark material in many gyms, but it's not the best material when it comes to a heavy workout. Some cons have been observed. It loses its shape after some time. It also does not wick off the sweat and leave the shirts all drenched at the end of the workout session and possible stains. 

Pro Tip: You can keep the cotton you enjoy and workout, without feeling conscious about the possible effects by getting gear of mixed fabric, for example cotton and polyester.



Having antibacterial properties is a myth about bamboo fabric. But it does protect the body against harmful UV rays. It makes bamboo the fabric of choice for cycling and other outdoor activities. It's breathable and does not get drenched in sweat with you. Thus, it leaves you cool and comfortable even after an intense workout session.

Bonus: Bamboo is sustainable.


Motion is lotion. Stiff clothing while working out can be the worst, decreasing your range of motion and overall performance. Spandex is another material that can be used for fitness wear. It has the ability to stretch 5 to 8 times more than its original size. Amazingly, it recovers its original size without changing its shape afterward. People also call it Lycra and elastane. Like other good-quality materials, it dries out quickly thanks to its sweat-wicking property. It is breathable and durable. Not only heat and UV rays, but it is also resistant to chemicals.

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