Our Mission

Our Mission
SGH Apparel™ mission is to create a fashion empire that delivers quality, has a voice, and create value for the modern day superwoman. All while maximizing our potential, and remaining loyal to our unique DNA and core creativity. 

As women we have the power to change a direction, fuel a new start, and disrupt harmful patterns. A good habit in a woman's hand can be a tremendous force for change for more than just themselves. Whether you are leading your company to strategic growth or guiding your kiddos to the park for an adventure, bring the habit that brings the change. We want you to cultivate habits that allow you to be brave, be kind, be caring, be the teacher, the leader, the guide, and yes, even sometimes the student. Be a life learner open to change, and of course, we want you to do it in our gear.

Our products are designed, printed, and shipped from our factory in sunny California to your eager hands. They will become your new favorites things, and you're gonna love them so much that you'll gift them to your club, your crew, your team, and your squad. 

SGH Apparel™, and now you do too; shop us, follow us and share our site as we make it our goal to make a difference by making it a habit to do better every single day. 

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