Talking About Breasts Is Talking Health

One minute you were in a training bra and the next you took a look in the mirror, wondering where did these come from. I’m sure we can all remember our first trip for a real bra, also known as the day puberty smacked you in the chest. 


Breasts have been made to be a secret everyone knows about, but refuse to discuss. Why? All out of fear of appropriateness. Boobs have gone from a body part to a subject of vulgarity. There have been movements and yet still we see some people are set on making breasts strictly sexualized, nothing has made this as apparent in recently than the #nobraday. A day about raising breast cancer awareness and destigmatizing our feminine globes was soured by peoples objectification of them.

When we switch the conversation from a very real threat to something as superficial as how great a woman's boobs do or do not look, we are counterproductive in the fight and conversation surrounding said Breast Cancer. In an effort to keep everyone aware and keep the conversation going we want to highlight important information surrounding breast health.


The American Cancer Society projects that approximately 281,550 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and of those about 43,600 will not survive. In an effort to keep everyone aware and the conversation going we want to highlight important information surrounding breast health. 


Here are some things that increase risk:

  1. Alcohol Consumption
    • Women who drink one drink a day have an increased risk of breast cancer by seven to ten percent.
    • Those who drink two to three drinks can increase their risk up to 20 percent.
    • Being Overweight Once reaching Menopause
        • Once the ovaries stop producing estrogen the body relies on fat to  produce the hormone. Too much fat will increase estrogen levels too much, increasing the risk of breast cancer.

         3.  Not Exercising Consistently

        • Exercise aids in balancing hormones, energy and helps with inflammation.
        • It is recommended to get 75 - 150 hours a week of exercise.
        4.  Smoking Cigarettes
        5.  Birth Control
        • Consult with your doctor to find out more
                                          Recognizing the Signs
    The 8-Step Breast Self Exam Every Woman Should Know
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