Remove Sweat Stains From Your Routine

Remove Sweat Stains From Your Routine

You just entered the gym and you’re feeling yourself because you just got a cute new workout set. Now at the peak of your session adrenaline pumping and bass booming in your ear you inevitably start to sweat. It’s during your routine cool down that you stretch only to become keenly aware of not so appealing new friends.

According to Sweat Help, approximately 60% of Americans would be embarrassed by sweat stains. This is not a you only problem, several other women have this problem as well. So let's talk about it Well let's talk more about it all tomorrow, would you like to schedule anything for Monday.

We’ve all seen or personally encountered the dreaded perspiration stains that mark the beginning of battle. Spotting them while out becomes a mission centered around the task of trying to hide the embarrassing marks while keeping any awkward movement to a minimum. 

They say desperate times call for desperate measures, but what if they don’t have to. Instead of burning your stained clothing in a fit of revenge you may want to try a few effective and less drastic measures first.

So, what’s the secret to keeping your post workout fit looking good as new? One of the best ways to combat sweat stains is to prevent them before they even happen. 

Here are a few tips for your clothes to stay fresh:

  • Buy gear with sweat - wicking materials (see our blog post to learn more)
  • Wear aluminum free deodorant to prevent yellow stains 
  • If you are a heavy sweater try Sweat Pads for extra protection
  • Eat clean and balanced meals
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Always wash clothes as soon as possible

      If you are beyond preventative measures, know it is not too late. 

      Want to restore your set to its former glory? Here's how:

      • Use a ratio of 1:1 hydrogen peroxide & water and let sit for 30 minutes or more depending on the stain
      • Wash Immediately (use warm water, unless washing instructions say otherwise)
      • If the stain has not come out you may repeat the process


        If you have any solutions to keeping the sweat at bay let us know below!

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